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Papel pintado Cisne gris Ferm Living

Most swans mate for life, and we truly understand them when seeing how sweetly they float around together on our new wallpaper. Use a few sections of the wallpaper in the kids' room or paper an entire room with the classic birds on a grey background. .

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We strive at making it as easy as possible, so all of our wallpaper is made in Wallsmart quality, which is non-woven fleece wallpaper that is easily hung. When papering a room, apply the ready-mixed wallpaper paste to the wall and after that put up the sections one by one, butting the edges tightly together

Fácil instalación., Impreso en papel WallSmart (materiales no tejidos)


Color: Gris
Tamaño: Ancho: 53 x Largo: 1000 cm
Material: Printed on Wallsmart quality Gravure print. Waterbased colours
Report: 53 cm
Instrucciones de cuidado: Wipe with a damp cloth